3 chinesische Münzen


The I GING is an ancient Chinese oracle using coins. Thanks to the translation by Richard Wilhelm in 1924, ‘The I GING - Book of Changes’, we are able to interpret the results.

Herrmann Hesse writes about this method in his novel “The Glas Bead Game“: “…to surrender to the meaning of life and its inner correlations“

Should a client’s questions call for it I like integrating this method into the Feng Shui consultation.

A few examples: (Hint: Do not answer this with just yes or no!)

  • How is my space affecting my personal development?
  • How will my professional career be affected if renting these premises?
  • How will my financial situation be affected if I continue using certainpremises?
  • What is needed on my part to renew this interaction?

It is quite concrete and important questions that through Feng Shui analysis help you to get oriented and are related to you using the I GING.

Attention! This kind of interview is very powerful!