The five stages of change

One of the most important basics of Feng Shui analysis is the knowledge of the ‚Five Stages of Change’.

This principal is first and foremost based on the insight that our life constantly changes and is subject to the laws of nature.

Each of these processes represents Qi – energy. This energy is expressed in seasons, colours, the organs of the body, emotions, smells, taste and much more.

Connected together these aspects can support and be nourishing or be weakening and controlling.

In a Feng Shui consultation this basis will help us to expose imbalances in buildings as well as support the healing of special areas.

The five stages of change – a short summary

Wood: This is where life starts; spring; seeds will break through the ground;  green; tree; growing; liver; gall bladder; the pioneer; determination; visionary; anger; movement; the muscular system; appropriateness; loner; our dreams; ascending energy.

Fire: The longest day of the year; summer; sun; light; warmth;  rays; king/queen; keeping the overall view; the heart; red; joy; communication; bringing together; team; consciousness; expand.

Earth: Between seasons; gathering; harmony; family trust; yellow; healer; the triple burner; the stomach; care; worrying; centralise.

Metal: Fall; harvest; Results may be received; gold and silver; the lungs; the teacher; appreciation; Structure; the fingernails; skin; astringency; sadness.

Water: Winter; quietness; blue; black; the kidneys; the bladder; go with the flow; Wu Wei; doing in non-doing; descending energy; intuition; courage; willpower; managing inner processes; fear.